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Go, go, Goa….

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Amazing portuguese architecture awaited us in gorgeous Goa! Adam and I have had a few strolls around Panjim and Old Goa and everything is lush and green. The temperature is a cozy 33 degrees…welcome back sweat!!! The Mondovi hotel we staying in was the first built here and the building is quite stunning, featuring a diesel driven elevator! I finally managed to lose my little zip-lock purse, this time with nobody returning it! Seems like I am a hopeless case in that regards, as my team members already returned my sunnys (which broke today), drivers license and iPhone (fell out of Uggi)!!! Fingers crossed that is the end of this, but I don’t think so! We went out seeking out Panjim’s hottest bar last night but to our surprise it had burnt down due to doggy wiring, how ironic! Tomorrow we are off to India’s 2nd highest waterfall and then to a spice plantation!!! After that its off to party central, Baga….got my dancing shoes polished already and will keep you posted! Cheers Markus







Pimp my ride

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Second pimping day is over! Just a few more little bits to install on Uggi, like the rain cover tarps, grips, etc! Have to track down some sexy hub caps. Wired in the 12V socket and our massive spotlight!!!! Yes, we are gonna be seen! Maybe I’ll turn into a car electrician on my return!!!
Took it for a good test run around town! One really close miss with a motorbike, but we survived! Soooo much fun riding Uggi, it is like a game of frogger….keep going, keep beeping your horn, look out for the massive speed bumps and avoid the obstacles by squeezing past!!!




Ready to roll!

Friday, April 5th, 2013

It’s been a day of mechanics for little Uggi. She’s had a complete overhaul. New battery, new broken rubber thing, new horn and she’s all tuned. Thanks to Tim from NZ who put us on to a local guy to help us with the big service. Seems everyone sought outside servicing. Great referral from our NZ comrades. I did a good hour of driving, even scared the mechanics with my parking skills, so feel I’m ready to hit the roads. It’s just like a computer game, you just have to dodge the obstacles.

Lots of banter with other rickshaw runners last night. Crazy antics with a scary Mongolian girl tasering the lads and then going nuts with henna. One of the young American boys at Saj Homestay awoke with a Kingfisher hangover and half a henna moustache.

Crazy kids.

Fort Kochi is a great place. The Indian people we have met have been very friendly and welcoming. I like this town.